CNBC Ratings Fall to 7 Year Lows « Market Montage

Infotainment financial channel CNBC continues to see its ratings plummet.  I am sure part of this is just the general disgust towards equities by Joe 6Pack but the "shout at you" format (at least in the U.S. version) has to be contributing as well.  I continue to be amazed some of these "emergency weeks" the difference between CNBC Asia (cordial) v CNBC Europe (intelligent) v CNBC USA (interrupt guests, yell, make every topic center on how the Democrats are destroying the economy).  On the "sunny side up" perhaps some people are going to the internet versus the tv channel – that's what I do.

As for Fast Money – the show misses Dylan Ratigan tremendously, plus in my opinion Eric Bolling who for those who watch Fox News was actually a great chartist in his previous life. 

  • Squawk Box (6-9 a.m.) is supposed to prime traders before the bell. The show posted its lowest rated its time block since Q4 2006.
  • The Closing Bell (3-5 p.m.) is supposed to wrap up the day’s action. The slot posted its fifth-lowest rating in total viewers and second-lowest ratings in the key 25-54 demographic since 1997.
  • Fast Money (5-6 p.m.) is focused almost specifically on swing trading stocks. That time slot showed the lowest rating for the 25-54 demo since 1997 — and lowest in total viewers since Fast Money launched in 2006.


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