Jim Cramer's 10 Themes for 2013 « Market Montage

I don't post too much from Cramer, but this was a relatively comprehensive article on TheStreet.com so worth a mention.  Some of the 10 themes such as the housing recovery or "China will bring us back" are now quite well known so not sure they will have quite the juice they did say 6-8 months ago but there are others that are less conventional.   Finding non traditional plays on Obamacare is going to be one to study in 2013.

  1. The Housing Resurgence
  2. The Insurance Comeback
  3. Ne'er Do Well Banks Recuperate
  4. Ascending Autos
  5. The U.S. Energy Revolution
  6. China's Return
  7. The Aerospace Recovery
  8. The 4G Build-Out
  9. The Government Made Me Do It
  10. Don't Just Stand There. Do Something.

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